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Eagle Digitizing: A Trusted Embroidery Digitizing Service with Flat Pricing

The embroidery digitizing service is a process of converting hand embroidery designs or other types of patterns into machine-readable code. The digitized embroidery design is an essential part of the modern embroidery industry. It allows customers to convert their own designs into high-quality machine embroidery, ensuring consistency and accuracy during large-scale production. The digitized design can also be saved in a computer for future use.

The cost of embroidery digitizing service usually depends on the complexity and size of the design, the required time and effort, and the pricing strategy of the service provider. Different service providers may have different pricing methods and prices. Here, we will introduce Eagle Digitizing's services and pricing.

Eagle Digitizing is a professional embroidery digitizing service provider, offering high-quality digitized embroidery design services. The company's embroidery digitizing service pricing is based on the size and complexity of the design. We offer the following basic prices:

●$25 per left chest/hat logo

●$65 per full back logo

●$4 per name or single letter (using our standard fonts)

The benefits of fixed pricing:

1. We provide transparent pricing, so you can know the amount you will pay before using our service. This allows you to better manage your budget and avoid unnecessary additional costs.

2. Fixed pricing can save you time and effort. Since the service cost is fixed, you don't have to spend extra time and effort negotiating prices with the company. This allows customers to complete the design faster and use more time for other affairs.

3. Fixed pricing can provide more choices and flexibility. Since the service price is determined, customers can easily choose different service options without worrying about changes in prices. This provides customers with greater flexibility to meet their different needs and budgets.

In embroidery digitizing service, it is important to choose a reliable and professional service provider. Eagle Digitizing is a trusted embroidery digitizing service provider, offering high-quality digitized embroidery design services at reasonable prices and with a fast turnaround time. Their pricing is based on the size and complexity of the design, providing customized pricing plans to meet the specific needs of customers. Additionally, they offer free stitch estimates and modifications to ensure that customers receive high-quality, accurate, and consistent digitized embroidery designs. If you need embroidery digitizing services, Eagle Digitizing is a great choice to consider.