Digitizing Formats Available

All digitizing and artwork formats listed below are supported by Eagle Digitizing.
To download and test run designs in any of these embroidery formats, click on the format name; you will
then have the option to save or run the file.

Embroidery Machine Embroidery Formats
Embroidery Formats
Barudan M7000 .DAT
Bernina .PES .PEC
Brother, Babylock, Deco .PES .PEC .PSF
EOS by Compucon Vers.3 .REF
Elna Xquisit .EMD
Husqvarna Viking .HUS .VIP
Janome 10000 .JEF
Melco (dos expanded) .CND .EXP
New Home, Janome, Elna .SEW
PE Design, Deco Wizard & Palette .PES
Pfaff Mac (7570 PC-Designer) .PCM
Pfaff 7570 .PCS .PCQ(maxi) .PCD(9nm)
Pfaff 2100 series .VIP
Pulse .POF .PXF
Richpeace .DSB .PAT
Singer EU, Huskygram, Poem .CSD
Singer XL 1000 .XXX
Tajima .DST
Toyota .10o
Wilcom .EMB .T01 .T04 .T05
Others .BDF .DSZ .FMC .KSM .OFM .REF .T09 .U01
Artwork Formats
Illustrator .AI .EPS .PDF .SVG
Photoshop .PSD .SCT
CorelDRAW .CDRX3-X8, CDRX2017-2024, CDR5-13
Windows Bitmap .BMP
CompuServe .GIF
TIFF Bitmap .TIF
Targa Bitmap .TGA

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