5 Embroidery Machine Project Ideas from Eagle Digitizing for More Fun

So, you are accustomed to the simple design of embroidery, but you are not ready for the more discerning projects, for example, embroidery on card paper? Here are five advanced beginner embroidery projects creative ideas, which will help you to improve your understanding of the machine! The following content also has some reference value for Eagle digitizing.

1. Sweatshirt embroidery project.

The sweatshirt has a small amount of elasticity, so it takes a little bit more skills when the hug. They are also thicker than other beginners of embroidery projects, so it is more difficult to hoop perfectly. Because they are elastic, you need to be more stronger than typical tear to prevent shirts from moving and stretching during suture.

Select the cut stabilizer or the unwanted Poly Mesh stabilizer. Before starting to embroidery, make sure that the water -soluble head is watered or hoop to prevent the pin from sinking into a soft sweatshirt

2. Embroidery a T -shirt

Because T -shirts are elastic, they are more difficult or floating

I suggest starting from a more stable and less fragile T -shirt. For example, thin flat sweaters will be more difficult to embroidery than thicker and better quality knitted cotton T -shirts.

The T -shirt is very interesting. You can use the logo, letters, and cute pictures or proverbs for personalization. Because my daughter is still young, I like to add a character embroidery design to the shirt.

Take a $ 3 cotton T -shirt and sewn a cute Minnie Mouse. If I buy a prefabricated one, I can save $ 15!

3. Learn the flowers

Once you try the most basic embroidery machine projects above, you should learn to spend!

Although this is very fearless for beginners embroidery enthusiasts, once you understand the steps of machine stickers, you can almost flow on any fabrics that can be embroidered.

Most of the flower embroidery design has three consistent parts: placing needle, nail needle, and then frame acupuncture.

Choose a stabilizer according to the fabric you want to stick to the flower, and then choose the high -quality paste fabric. Take some Heat-N-Bond Lite on the back of the flower fabric, and learn to stick flowers!

4. Independent lace:

If you find a good independent lace design, learning embroidery independent lace is an surprising and easy embroidery project idea.

The cool thing is that you only sew it on the stabilizer (so there is no fabric), and then wash the stabilizer off at the end of the suture. This is the other design. Making FSL Christmas jewelry is a perfect beginner embroidery gift creativity!

For stabilizers, use 2 layer of rinse stabilizer or a layer of water -soluble head and a layer of flushing stabilizer. I found that the latter was the best on my machine, but most of the design recommended using the stabilizer just washed away by 2 layers.

5. Snoring cloth

As beginners, snoring cloth is also quite easy to embroidery. They are the perfect embroidery gifts for baby shower. (Seriously, sometimes we have to go to a baby to take a bath!

Choose a high -quality snoring cloth and make sure it pre -wash it before starting embroidery.

If you have a stable snoring cloth and choose a light -density design or simple paste, you can use a torn stabilizer. Otherwise, for dense design or letters, please start with a layer of Poly Mesh or cutting stabilizer to prevent wrinkles from designing after washing.