Embroidery Machine

5 Easy Embroidery Machine Projects from Eagle Digitizing for Beginners

Before you start the expensive fabric of embroidery, I suggest you use some very easy to embroidered fabric to test your machine! Most of these fabrics can be found around the house, or they are purchased at a very cheap price from a craft shop. The following content also has some reference value for Eagle digitizing.

1. Towel cloth

The towel is stable and easy to embroidery, especially if you just add a simple letters combination or design on a high -quality towels.

The towels will not stretch or distort too much during embroidery, and it is easy to hoop (or float, if necessary).

Use a layer of torn a stabilizer on the back of the towel, and use a layer of water -soluble head on the front pillow of the towel.

Choose an embroidery design or interweaving letter with appropriate needle density, you have a simple embroidery project creativity!

Tutorial: How to make a letter combination for towels

2. Woven cotton fabric

You will find that one of the simplest embroidery projects is to embroidery on stable woven cotton fabrics, such as cotton cotton, or even high -quality wide cloth or shirts. (However, do not choose cheap, thin cotton fabrics at first!

These fabrics are easy to hoop because they are thin and have no elasticity. In addition, you don't need any fancy stabilizer or head

Just hoop a torn stabilizer under a cotton, and then embroidery!

Select the design with a small number of needles. If you find any wrinkles, please consider spray starch or Terial Magic on the fabric. If you still encounter wrinkles, switch to the cutting stabilizer.

Now, when you spend too much time to choose the design and settings, make sure you can hoop a project in a single layer. It is always important. For example, this means that you cannot embroider the pocket of a button, unless you can only isolate the top layer of your pocket in the hoop. Otherwise, you will embroidered your pockets!

3. Fleece jacket or fleece blanket

The fleece is also the perfect start of your embroidery journey. Once you have some other simple projects under your belt.

If you choose high -quality blankets or jackets made of stable rather than fragile wool, then embroidery is easy!

Choose enough dense designs, will not sink into the velvet of wool, and ensure that the water -soluble head is used on the front.

For stable wool, you may get rid of one or two tear stabilizers.

For thin and flexible blankets, if you do not insist on using a incision or Polymesh stabilizer, you will encounter more difficult time. When embroidered wool jackets, I almost always use PolyMesh, because the back of the design is inside the jacket, and I can't see it with the naked eye.

Make sure that a temporary fabric adhesive spray, easy melting stabilizer, and even viscosity stabilizer to prevent wool from moving during embroidery.

4. Linen Embroidery Project

Linen is another fabric that is easy to process embroidery.

It is thin enough, you will not encounter a lot of difficulties, but it is stable enough and the hoop is quite easy.

For thin linen, use cut or Polymesh stabilizer. If you are worried about the fabric hanging, make sure you choose a lighter density design.

Embroidered linen napkin or adding a design on a light flax shirt is an interesting purpose of your machine!

5. Canvas

The canvas are super stable and easy to embroidery.

Because of its weight, it is also suitable for lighter fabrics that cannot be supported and more densely designed. Select the torn stabilizer on the back, and you can start!

If you can circle the side of the canvas handbag, making an interweaving letter package is also a cute and simple gift creativity. There are canvas handbags and other items in the hobby hall, usually less than $ 5!