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What You Should Know About Embroidery Backings

Embroidery backing come in a wide range of weight, color, texture, and specific choices, for example, adhesive or thermal sensitivity. Even though all these backdrops are totally different, they have a purpose. To stabilize the fabric, you can embroider your style on it. The following content also has some reference value for Eagle digitizing.

A story

Let me quickly remove it with a story. No single -back lining can solve all your embroidery needs. In fact, you may be aware of one of your favorite appearance (my product is called allstitch), but don't deceive yourself that your favorite background will solve all your problems, and it will not. In addition to the problem of tearing and cutting, there are also loads and opaqueity, so the "hand" that can only be said can only be said.

Second story

The second story (I will be responsible for this) is to exploit 2 layers of backgrounds healthier than one layer. With my clumsy opinion, the second layer of support is rarely helpful. If you want to use the second layer of background, then what you actually need is a heavy layer or possible product, which is a unique product, and you also understand the T -shirt printing.



Remember what the mission of the back lining: stable and get rid of the stretch of high cloth. The second floor cannot be done, because everything is done in the initial support layer, or they are not completed at all. I may suggest that instead of doubled the support costs of the factual fact (also double your support cost), it is better to keep some completely different products in your appearance.

Honest tear back lining

Stay at least 2 weighing honest tears. And we may all like to use tears on everything. In fact, it is only suitable for limited things with limited materials. Many of you may claim that you just see high -effects on a very tight shirt. No matter where you use a tear back,. This may be true.

Digital specific

However, let Maine state tell you a secret; the appearance has been specifically digitized into its actual product and background combination. The truth of the company's brand world is that digitization and clothing are usually not combined with its specific degree. In most cases, the modulus converter does not pay attention to the sample cloth in ownership.

Therefore, the pressure of contract embroidery is specified regardless of the feasibility of the use of tear on the project, which usually prevents good weddings from getting a good wedding between back lining, style and fabric substrate. In addition, you may be aware that the high sewing branches are decorated with lightweight materials and have a tear back. Using acceptable back dynasties are the cause of folds from these styles, and you can also view the best T -shirt printing machine.

Unluming goods

When it involves cutting back lining, there are unlimited goods need to be settled. My goal is to avoid very technical discussions. On the contrary, I think if you think there are completely different products to complete different tasks, you will get higher services.

Poly-MESH may be a kind of background, which aims to produce a large amount of embroidery surface, but even has a very lightweight feeling and a little clear appearance. Poly-MESH background is an excellent product that can be used for lighter weight materials (especially white). Your customer does not need an ancient cutting back lining to display the appearance of the "plaques". You can also view the best T -shirt printing machine.

Sensitive backing

Thermal back lining is smooth to the product to produce incredible stability. Once this issue is applied, they will be difficult to get rid of. These are best for products that have good stretching. However, the back lining will not be displayed on the front of the product.

As mentioned earlier, I actually just like ALL Stich (1 and 2) to support products. These back lining have the texture and weight of the product. However, providing a stable background is twice its weight. All needle 1 is the highest question of the "one -size -fits -all" cutting support answer. Between Allstitch 1 and Allstitch 2 (heavier in the product). I used to apply almost all ancient embroidery applications.


The adhesive back lining is an honest answer to remove high -performance materials stretching. However, it should be very careful. After pressing the ring, you will not transfer things to your clothes. A higher answer may be to use cloth adhesives like KK110 and spray gently. In the process of hard work of the hoop space, the latest background of the ring is liberated from any adhesive, and you can also view the best T -shirt printing machine.


There are a variety of special backgrounds, such as the background that disappears once heated or washed. Back lining has completely different colors. Don't forget the wise simplicity and uniqueness. Usually use products that are not available for background. I even saw someone using Solvy as a background, paper towel, and even cardboard inserts on the hat.

All this is the same thing ... the back lining is used to stabilize the materials on it. You are embroidered your style. This is its only purpose. To form the right choice from you. Where is the most needed question? You will realize that your favorite back is your only answer. If you have only one flavor background in your weapon library, you usually launch inferior embroidery, and you can also see the best T -shirt printing machine.