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Gold & Silver Embroidery Production Tips From Eagle Digitizing

Embroidery thread is an important factor that influences the result of computer embroidery. Color matching can bring different effects to embroidery. In recent years, some customers have added the elements of gold and silver embroidery to the product. The following content also has some reference value for Eagle Digitizing.

The gold and silver thread used in the gold and silver thread embroidery are actually cooked (metal thread), but the outer layer of the online is covered with a layer of metal film, and the inner layer is composed of artificial silk or polyester thread. Gold and silver thread are generally suitable for gold embroidery and diamond embroidery. Because the texture of the gold and silver thread is more crispy, it is not suitable for embroidery with more complex needle.

The mass production of gold and silver thread embroidery is not easy, and it is also the main reason for its high value. What should be paid attention to using gold and silver thread to embroidery?

1. the brand alloy machine must be selected. Using high -quality, new, sharp alloy embroidery needles, the pinhole will be large enough to make the gold and silver threads pass smoothly. The contact surface with the gold and silver thread is also sharp enough, so that the problem that the honeysuckle embroidery is easy to break the thread to a certain extent. Usually, this kind of needle eye will be plated for a layer of Teflon to achieve better results

2. the multi -layer stereo thread supply thread is adopted. Many customers of the production of crafts in our embroidery machine will require one more layer of thread rack to increase the height and level of the thread frame is that the distance between the thread supply can be stabilized, reducing the gold and silver wires, and reducing the gold and silver thread. The probability of cutting and knots, customers who have such problems may wish to imitate it at the time of customized machines. If you find that the gold and silver thread is too easy to fall off from the cable, and produce coils and knots at the beginning, you can try to solve with a thread network. Or use a high -quality vertical thread rack (a thread supply), because the horizontal -placed thread tube is prone to lap on the machine. If you have a good thread, you can try it.

3. slow down the working speed of the machine. The speed directly affects production efficiency, and the disconnection will also reduce yield and consumes patience. However, in order to obtain a more stable working state, the embroidery of the gold and silver thread must be lower than the working speed of the conventional polyester thread. The machine starts from the minimum speed of the machine to the test until the significant high disconnection rate appears, and a reasonable working speed is selected. Reduce the speed of the machine. Reduce your machine speed to the minimum speed and observe the effect. Then adjust the high speed little by little until it generates the easy -to -cut thread, then lower the speed of the machine, which is the best speed point.

4. the tension of the embroidery thread is adjusted to the lowest level that can be used normally. The lower tension can not only transport and embroidery in a more stable state, but also prevent the thread from spreading. Make sure that the tension is low enough. Generally, compared to ordinary computer embroidery thread, the tension of the embroidery thread with lower gold and silver thread, and the tension of lowering the thread can also prevent the thread from spreading.

5. the embroidery version should take into account the differentiated requirements of the gold and silver thread. In short, we must focus on three points: the needle is too short, the needle is too dense, and the layers overlap too much. On the contrary, the version should be as thin as possible, as long as possible, and minimize the needle overlap.

Many embroidery versions are not suitable for silver thread. When using the gold and silver thread, the embroidery version should avoid the following features:

Overlapping many layers of embroidery, 3 layers or more layers of accumulation

There are many small needles in the embroidery version

There are very dense embroidery areas in the embroidery version


6. The toughness of embroidery thread should not be too strong. Doing gold and silver thread embroidery, you cannot choose the lining paper with too strong toughness, because the better the toughness of the lining paper, the greater the friction of it itself, the more breakdown. You should choose a relatively brittle or soft lining paper, such as the lining paper containing more or more glue teaching, which can better match the embroidery processing of the gold and silver thread. Use the right embroidery lining paper. Using gold and silver thread, it is best to use embroidered paper containing adhesive or cotton, and 100%Pelcent Exy Wide lining paper is usually too strong. Increased friction with the needle and embroidery thread, it will cause unnecessary disconnection.

7. gold and silver thread embroidery are only suitable for specific fabrics. If you use the gold and silver thread embroidery, do not consider embroidered on the composite fabric with high thickness or high density fabrics. These materials will produce greater friction in virtual, and then cause higher breaks. Make sure you use the right fabric. Too thick or too dense fabrics will produce unnecessary frictions, which will cause disconnection. When using gold and silver thread, it is best not to use soft and natural fabrics.

8. Use lubricant. Because there is a layer of metal film on the outer layer of the gold and silver thread, when the thread is put on the pinhole, the needle produces a heat -soluble metal film to break the thread due to the friction. At this time, we can use some lubricants, commonly known as " thread oil". This can make it better over the thread, reduce the friction, and relatively reduce the break rate. Or put the pinhole of the needle into the direction of the computer's head, and if the embroidery thread is embroidered, it is necessary to defle the direction of the tail, but not too much about 0.5mm.