Embroidery Patches

A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Custom Embroidery Patches on Your Jacket

Originally a protective element on clothing, Embroidery patches are used by millions of people across the US to express themselves. As far as fashion development is concerned, these have never ceased to be extremely popular in each era. In addition to that, with the increasing number of people loving them, the future of this trend seems safe to say the least. The following content also has some reference value for Eagle digitizing.

Patch: Why are they so popular?

One of the most important reasons the public adores patches is their exceptional diversity. Not only are there many types of patches, but there are also a range of different types in terms of support. Some of these methods include gluing, embroidery, and ironing.

Because of this variety, people can mix and choose according to their preferences. Other than that, perhaps the best part about patches is that they are customizable. When you order custom patches and the type of your choice, you gain creative and artistic freedom in design. So, when we say "the sky is the limit," we definitely mean it.

From being able to capture the most intricate details to achieving a retro look, patches are one of the very few trends that includes everything. In doing so, they never relinquish the title of most almighty.

A brief history of patches

Before patches became a thing in the fashion world, the patch industry limited their use to corporate or academic uniforms, bike clubs and flower girls. They were considered a great addition to clothing, and it wasn't long before people started wearing patches for fashion purposes.

A slightly wider sector that consumes the patch is definitely motorcycle clubs and their enthusiasts. While the clubs used these patches extensively for identification, the look became chic and popular among enthusiasts.

So even though people are not part of a cycling club, they still wear leather jackets with embroidered patches to recall their likes and dislikes.

It wasn't long before rap artists started adding patches to their costumes. This influenced the entire streetwear style and defined a subculture. In the 1990s, these patches graced many hats and caps, as well as patches on jackets.

The escalating popularity couldn't escape the attention of several well-known fashion brands, who chose to add these patches to their collections. Seeing them on respected catwalks around the world is another way for people to learn how to wear custom patches on their clothes.

Pacio: One stop for all your patching needs

For any patches to last the ravages of time and tough conditions, they need to be overly durable and durable. That's exactly how we do patches at Pacio.

We build our company from the ground up only by providing quality service. When you receive value for money and authenticity, like our thousands of customers, you will want to come back for more.

This is because we only use military grade and high quality raw materials to manufacture the patches. By doing this, we can guarantee that our patches will last a long time. Rain or shine, or multiple washes; our patch will prevail without losing its essence.

When you order from us, you can choose to get a custom patch with a design you like, or choose from a variety of different ideas available in our gallery.

Our gallery consists of various creative and artistic designs in many different patch types. This way you can see which designs look good on which types of patches. In addition to that, we also have a custom cyclist patch option where you can design your own cyclist patch and we create it for you.

Patches on jackets seem to be taking the cake, considering the trend around patches over the past few months. And for good reason. Jackets are one of the best surfaces for patches. And for good reason.

For those of you who want to put a patch on your jacket but aren't sure how to proceed, you can count on us! Below is a list of different ways to wear patches on a jacket, as well as some creative ideas that are sure to become your muse.