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What Is The Difference Between Chenille Patches And Embroidered Patches?

Embroidered patches are an excellent addition to any craft or apparel product. The high quality chenille embroidery patches are available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and shapes. The following content also has some reference value for Eagle digitizing.

Custom embroidered and chenille patches are available for purchase. These custom embroidered patches are ideal for use in uniforms, hats, jackets and other items. They're also made with great craftsmanship that anyone will appreciate. The chenille patches have a typical look and feel and makes a great patch for any uniform. Custom Chenille Patches is the ideal supplier of high quality chenille patches out there today.

Our designers use their creativity and ideas to make the most attractive designs on PVC patches, embroidered patches, chenille patches, keychains, hats and other garments, custom t-shirts and more.

First, let us tell you what a chenille patch is and why it's different from an embroidered patch.

What is a Chenille patch?


The chenille material is stitched with a special device that forages yarn on the lowest part to create a raised, rough surface that looks like a rug.

When the chenille material is fully made, it is used for patches. They give the patch the typical look and feel so plush and soft. They provide people with a great wearing experience.

The Chenille patch automatically takes you back to your high school days. You remember athletes, older classmates and marching band members in messenger jackets. Chenille is widely used for letter patches, but that's not the only motivation to splurge on this remarkable type of patch.

Difference Between Embroidered Patches and Chenille Patches

Below are some of the differences between embroidered patches and chenille patches.

01-Sewing craft

One difference is the sewing process of chenille The sewing process of chenille embroidery is different from the traditional embroidery stitching process. The chenille embroidery sewing machine doesn't even have a spool

02-Design application

Chenille is also different from traditional embroidery because of its design application. Because a large part of the work is not done directly on the clothes. Instead, the design is done on a cloth background called gauze felt. It is then pulled out and sewn onto the garment like a patch.

03-The difference of needle number design

When we analyzed embroidered patches vs. chenille patches, we found that chenille was more cost-effective. Chenille is very slow to sew, averaging 500-700spm. However, chenille yarn contains pure bulk. Compared to traditional embroidery, it can easily cover a large area with just a few stitches.

Also, because the chenille yarn is thicker, it is less prone to breakage. That's because yarn is heavier than thread. It allows the manufacturing process to run almost unattended.

04- Differences in usage and appearance

Embroidered patches are the choice of game lovers. It is also worn by troops, marines and emergency services.

Embroidered patches are perfect for anyone looking for a classic piece. It offers an intricate image or badge with exact inscription and tough embroidery on a hard backing.


While chenille also offers an old-fashioned look, it has a caterpillar-like texture. It's fuzzy and fluffy. It is primarily ideal for high school students and athletes.

Chenille looked back at most of the old-school marching groups or sports team letter jackets. They also remind them that even though the jackets are oversized, they have full texture and good looks.

Yes, chenille cannot be used to make additional precise designs. But it offers logos and images with warmth, stature and typical style.

05-Logo Design and Effects

A huge difference between an embroidered patch and a chenille patch is the logo design and effect. Embroidered patch provides logo with 3D effect. They can't show a small logo design.

In addition, they are made with a lot of embroidered fibers. Still, they make for unique chenille patches, great 3D badges and embroidered filled backgrounds. However, the tiniest of embroidered letters can only be 5mm high.

On the other hand, chenille letters must be at least 2 inches tall. Also, they are often combined with regular embroidery, as chenille yarns require larger sizes. Because of the limited size, embroidery is great for details.

06 - Symbolism

If we look at embroidered patches versus chenille patches, we see another difference that is valuable. A chenille patch embellishes the messenger jacket. Letterman jackets make students proud when they first get their jackets.

The chenille patch became a symbol of tireless effort, passion and perseverance. All of these things help students reserve a spot on the team.

So it became just as important to make these jackets the chenille patch they are now.


Embroidered patches are called thread patches, and their name comes from the method used to make them.

The chenille patch is more like a PVC patch. If we talk about their names. Both chenille patches and PVC patches get their names from the materials used to make them. This can also be called the difference between embroidered patches and chenille patches.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a stretchy, rubber-like material, while chenille is a material made from silk and combined with natural fibers such as cotton or wool. This produces a yarn with a surface very similar to the surface of the thread.

08-Suitable for different occasions

The embroidered patch can be worn on any occasion. Additionally, embroidered artwork enables designers to create countless expressive and memorable patches. Customers can order in any shape, size, color they can imagine. Also, the idea behind each patch is different.

Scout patches and merit badges are also embroidered. They celebrate one's mileage. Additionally, it acknowledges the lessons they learned along the way. Military embroidered patches awarded to troop members rejoice in company within the team.

While custom patches embroidered with the charity's logo support the word's spread. It may also raise funds for noble causes.

Conversely, chenille patches are ideal for effortless and fun designs. Because they have a powerful and elegant appearance. They are also used in blankets, sweaters and framed awards.

Custom Embroidered Patches

 Custom embroidered patches come in a variety of unique styles. Good patch manufacturing and design companies have skilled and talented designers.

They make woven patches with uniform designs and incredible detail. In addition, they can create durable PVC patches with complex 2D and 3D artwork. These PVC patches are perfect for anyone who wants a waterproof and weatherproof patch.

For those who want original classic pieces, they also produce embroidered patches. These patches are designed to understand the character and history of the team.

If we look at embroidered patches vs chenille patches, we will notice another difference. Custom embroidered patches have an instantly recognizable look and texture.

They are of interest because most of the patches people see are embroidered patches. And for good reason. They are the go-to for its incredible texture, durable creation, and time-tested looks.