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Yes, we can. Eagle Digitizing can e-mail some sample files of our digitizing for you to test-sew. Please tell us what type(s) of logo you prefer (for example, flags, animals, etc.) You can click here to view samples of our work. We offer free monthly embroidery designs for you to download. You may register an account to download your free embroidery designs. Click here to register for free sample download.

Eagle Digitizing's standard turnaround time is 24 hours. If you need a finished work sooner, please inform us and we will accelerate the work as necessary with no additional charge.

Eagle Digitizing will send the finished embroidery design to you by email. You can save it to your floppy disk.

You can send us an e-mail via the following addresses, with your logo attached in jpg, tif, gif, bmp, cdr, ai, eps or pdf format (jpg is preferred). To ensure rapid return of the finished work, please include – along with your artwork – the following specifications:

a). Size. If you prefer a certain size, please specify it in terms of width or height – not both. If you wish, you can request that we determine the optimum size for the application.

b). The material to be sewn onto. A logo digitized for one material tends to be usable on many others (pique, twill, terrycloth, nylon, fleece, etc.), but materials do differ in terms of thickness, density and plushness, and it is best that we know at least the worst-case material, if possible. Additionally, leather is a digitizing unto itself: It and other materials are mutually exclusive.

c). Location. Where on the flat material is the logo to be sewn? This will affect size determination. Is it to be sewn onto caps?

Or you may register an account in, so you may place a quote or order online.

Email: or

A digital image is just a combination of lines, marks, curves, and shapes made through dots and pixels. It will pixelate when enlarged. For sharp image results, we need to vectorize it. For that, we have to trace the image line by line and dot by dot.

The simplest way to convert a JPEG image to SVG is through tracing the image using the vector software. You can use any vector software that you are comfortable with.

There are ample file formats for the vector graphics. However, the common vector file formats include EPS, SVG, AI, PDF, CDR

There are many vector software. The most common include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw,

We use advanced software to design vectors. All of our workers and staff are highly qualified & experienced professionals in this field.

Yes we can convert any of your images into vectors for printing purposes. You can use your file for heat press printing, screen printing, laser printing, web services, and any other purposes.