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A digital image is just a combination of lines, marks, curves, and shapes made through dots and pixels. It will pixelate when enlarged. For sharp image results, we need to vectorize it. For that, we have to trace the image line by line and dot by dot.

The simplest way to convert a JPEG image to SVG is through tracing the image using the vector software. You can use any vector software that you are comfortable with.

There are ample file formats for the vector graphics. However, the common vector file formats include EPS, SVG, AI, PDF, CDR

There are many vector software. The most common include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw,

We use advanced software to design vectors. All of our workers and staff are highly qualified & experienced professionals in this field.

Yes we can convert any of your images into vectors for printing purposes. You can use your file for heat press printing, screen printing, laser printing, web services, and any other purposes.

We will design your image in such a way that every color has its own layer and that you can hide any layer of color or make adjustments according to your needs.

You can order by registering an account with us and submitting your order through our online order form. We work 24/7, so any order placed can be designed by our professional designers within 2-24 hours.

Our pricing is listed on the website. You can Click here to receive a quote for customized designs.

We can convert any image into vectors, giving your image a 2D look. Whether it’s a car, tractor, or animal, we can design in our vector software to give it a professional look for printing and other design purposes.