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Unleash Your Creativity: Features and Characteristics of Free Embroidery Digitizing Software in 2023

Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting digital images into machine-readable embroidery files that can be used to create embroidered designs. Digitizing software makes it possible to convert any digital image into an embroidery design that can be stitched onto fabric. There are several embroidery digitizing software available in the market, but not all of them are free. In this blog, we'll take a look at the best free embroidery digitizing software in 2023.

1. Ink/Stitch

Ink/Stitch is a free, open-source embroidery digitizing software that works with the popular vector graphics software Inkscape. It allows users to convert any vector graphic into a digitized embroidery design. You can also create stitching files from a variety of SVG designs.

It can convert SVG fills into stitched fill areas and SVG strokes into zigzag and run stitches. Ink/Stitch supports various stitch types, including satin, fill, and run, and it allows users to customize stitch density, stitch length, and stitch angle. Additionally, Ink/Stitch provides a tool for creating satin columns from paths with two sub-paths. You can customize SVG path objects for each of these four stitch types.

The software allows you to import most embroidery formats and reuse and adjust them with the help of Inkscape's path tools. InkStitch has options for managing thread colors and projects.

2. Brother Embroidery Software

BES is a universal embroidery digitizing program that is suitable for users of any skill level. The digitizers at Eagle Digitizing use Brother Embroidery Software, and most of our clients are also satisfied with the tapes produced by this program.

Here, you can use 145 existing applique designs, 77 integrated accent designs, and 77 built-in border designs to create striking combinations of letters, fonts, and borders.

BES is compatible with Brother embroidery machines and other brands.

The software provides you with various tools and options, such as adding effects to your design, adjusting the design, changing stitch patterns, and previewing new clothing templates to see what your work will look like in reality.

3. Embird

Embird is an embroidery digitizing software based on a modular design. To access a specific mode or option, you need to purchase the corresponding module.

Different modules provide access to tools such as digitizing, Sfumato Stitch, cross-stitching, font engine, and pre-digitized alphabets.

If you need a free embroidery digitizer, you can use Embird in demo mode. Although it has certain limitations, its functionality is sufficient for digitizing ordinary artworks. The demo mode is available for 2 months, after which you need to upgrade the program to continue using it. Embroidery pattern makers at Eagle Digitizing also use this software as it is user-friendly and supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, and more, making it convenient for users of different languages.

4. My Editor

My Editor is another popular free embroidery digitizing software that works with multiple embroidery machine brands. It's quite intuitive, thanks to its user-friendly interface. It allows users to convert raster images into embroidery designs and customize stitch types, density, and length. My Editor supports a wide range of embroidery file formats, including DST, PES, and JEF.

In addition to improved tools for managing and creating finished works, My Editor also offers options for viewing and saving files. With this free embroidery digitizing software, you can use NGS files. You can view and save designs in various formats for different embroidery machines.

The program also provides additional options that allow you to preview designs on different fabrics, resize and rotate them.

5. Embroidermodder

Embroidermodder is an open-source embroidery digitizing software that allows users to create and edit embroidery designs. It supports various stitch types, including satin, fill, and run, and allows users to customize stitch density, stitch length, and stitch angle. Embroidermodder supports multiple embroidery file formats, including PES, DST, and JEF.

6. Wilcom TrueSizer

TrueSizer is a free value-added software because it offers free access to a limited number of features. To use more advanced tools, you need to purchase the premium package for $99. You can use one of the two available versions: frequent travelers can use the TrueSizerWeb version, while PC users can use the TrueSizer Desktop version.

TrueSizer Web supports Apple and Android devices. It allows you to open files and convert them to popular formats without using a free image converter. Additionally, you can rotate designs, resize them, open and save EMB files, and view various color schemes.

However, the software doesn't allow for creating and saving multiple color schemes, changing design colors, using multiple designs, matching threads with color schemes, and displaying designs in hoops.


Embroidery digitizing software makes it possible to create embroidered designs quickly and easily. The above-listed software options are the best free embroidery digitizing software in 2023. These programs provide various features to help create high-quality embroidery designs. Choose the one that fits your needs and start digitizing!

If you are not familiar with tape punching, you can contact Eagle Digitizing. Their professional team can meet any of your requirements.