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Knowledge from Eagle digitizing: How to Make Unique And Warm Embroidered Fingerless Mittens

If you hate the cold and love embroidery, this fun and easy in-the-hoop project is perfect for you. Using your hands as a pattern, you can cut out gloves with the look of hand-stitched embroidery. If you love embroidery and want to show off your talent or are looking for a way to personalize gifts, then this project is for you! Spend some time in your sewing room. For the best embroidery digitizing service, please feel free to contact us.

Save money on store-bought gloves, and make some gloves from spare fabric in a fabric stash (or you can use old sweaters you no longer use). Cater to your own preferences by using colorful fabrics and threads and specialized embroidery designs. From a friend's monogram glove to a child or grandchild's cute cartoon character, you'll be able to create personalized gloves for all the people in your life.


The best part? This project is very simple and requires no extra sewing! Once the mitten pattern has been created, it is easy to change the design or decoration used to make mittens to suit all styles.

If you have embroidery software, making these gloves is a breeze! Not only are they stylish, but they keep you warm during these colder months. Let's get started

Digital connectionless pattern

Step 1: Trace your hand on the chart and leave a 1/2 inch space

Step 2: Digital Home line (blue dashed line)

Step 3: Insert interesting pattern of your choice (not too big)

Step 4: Digitize the top edge design, design on finger (purple line); Try using patterns if you wish

Step 5: Digitize line #1 in color A (blue dashed line)

Step 6: Follow the same blue dotted line to digitize the final sewing thread

Embroidered fingerless mittens

Step 1: Ring tear stabilizer

Step 2: Float a piece of wool on the right side up

Step 3: Stitch the design to the end of the decorative design.

Step 4: Remove the hoop from the machine

Step 5: Carefully remove the stabilizer from the center (not the outside) of the glove

Step 6: Using spray nails (and tape if you wish), attach a piece of fleece to the underside of the hoop, right side up

Step 7: Put the hoop back on the embroidery machine and stitch the decorative thread next to the fingers and wrists (purple)

Step 8: Remove the hoop from the machine, then use spray nails to glue another piece of fleece to the top of the hoop (to make it cover the design), then place the hoop back into the machine

Step 9: Complete the suture and remove it from the embroidery machine

Step 10: You should have three layers (two stitched together at the fingers, wrists, and sides; This is the insulated top of the glove. The other layer is the palm-side layer.

Step 11: Before cutting. Remove the stabilizer around the glove.

Step 12: Trim to 1/4 and turn over.


These fingerless mittens can be modified to the size of traditional mittens. Use your creativity! Switch your fabric and embroidery designs to create a different look. Save shredded wool or use old sweaters to make fun and attractive hand warming gloves. See where your creativity takes you.