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Tips from Eagle digitizing: How To Get Customers to Make Purchase Decisions In Seconds

Save time and reduce frustrations. Customers are bombarded with product information, but they need help quickly making a decision. I can show you how to make this process easier, so they know what they want, with no interruption in production time. The following content also has some reference value for Eagle digitizing.

As an embroiderer, we hope to provide customers with a full range of lettering and design options. In this process, we sometimes tend to make things too complicated and create unnecessary frustration for both ourselves and our customers. However, there are 4 easy ways that we can help save time on your part in order to get your order completed as quickly as possible.

Embroidery Layout Options

Limited font style options

Samples marked with ordering information

Organized ordering system

Today we will discuss the first in this series, the design layout options

Embroidery Layout Options

Create multiple design layout options for customers to choose from. By letting your customer choose a different layout for him to view before placing an order, you can prevent him from asking you to create a logo with multiple different options for his approval.

These design layout options can save time and let the customer believe that you know what you are doing and what is the best choice for him or his logo.

Create a design layout using multiple design templates that have been set in the embroidery design software. Assign a style number to each design template. When a customer orders a specific style. You can quickly call the design template he ordered from the system, change the letter to the content he or she requires, and then your design can be stitched.

You can create two sets of identical design templates, one set sewn on woven fabric and the other set sewn on knitted fabric. These two sets of design layout templates will apply to 95% of the customer's clothing or fabric choices.


Click the picture and you will see the design layout options

Our big picture helps customers make quick ordering decisions and help your business in many ways!

You look more professional

It saves a lot of time and customer time

You have more time for production

You will bring more income!