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Knowledge from Eagle digitizing 5 Awesome Machine Embroidery Accessories

It's time to reveal our 5 most popular machine embroidery accessories. Although there are a number of useful embroideries available, we have narrowed them down to the top five, which will help you begin your killing spree. The contents below are also useful for the Eagle Digitizing.

With these tools, many things are possible! So let's examine in detail what these must-have accessories are capable of, in order to see what exactly meets your needs.

#1) Automata Framework

Shoe embroidery can be difficult, if not impossible, without this special equipment. That's why the automaton framework has a place on this list.

The automaton frame consists of 2 adjustable clamps that provide a firm grip on the outstanding product throughout the embroidery method. Click here to see how to embroider your next shoe fitting with the automaton frame

Although this equipment is the most expensive on this list, it is a necessary investment if you are proposing skilled shoe embroidery.

In fact, there is nothing else on the market like it...

In addition to its sister model, the manual automaton frame.

While automaton frames are best for firmly gripping very thick shoes such as cleats, people who are trying to sew alternative shoes such as boots or vas shoes can opt for manual automaton frames.

This frame consists of a lever that clamps the fabric to embroider various things such as shoes, bags and boots for less than 0.5 worth and also understands t-shirt printing.

#2) 2nd Generation Cap Frame

The Gen2 cap frame is probably the ideal choice for anyone who has ever used a UN agency

While you'll be making hat embroidery on regular hat embroidery hoops, the Gen2 Hat Frame unlocks a window of opportunity if you're serious about embroidering hats.

Designed with clips to carry the stabilizer throughout the hoop method, the Gen2 Hoop Cap is quicker and easier than the hoops of old and is ideal for businesses that specialize in caps for UN Specialized Agencies.

This hoop frees up embroidery space and allows you to get close to the bill without any problems like needle or thread breaking.

Ordinary hat embroidery hoops are also limited when it comes to embroidered bound hats. With a pair of info, you have open space for the frame to simply use a tough hat like a visor.

#3) Hoop Master

Hoopmaster is perfect for those who struggle with style placement and want to produce consistent bulk uniform orders.

Embroiderers use the hoop maker's placement guide to specifically master their style to match shirt and hoop sizes

If you're looking for quick and easy style placement and hooping, Hoopmaster can certainly reduce the time it takes to fulfill bulk orders and keep your production flowing.

The equipment is custom made for your basketball and can be purchased with regular hoops or mighty hoops, bet on which rings your proposed injury matters most, and also check out the best t-shirt printing machines.

#4) Mighty Hoops

Coming in at the dreaded second is the mighty hoop.

As the name suggests, these hoops are very strong! If you own these mighty hoops, you can most likely argue that they are worth the amount of a position.

The perfect answer for embroidering thick materials. These strong hoops work just like normal hoops, except that once they meet, they grip immediately.

This removes any pressure on your hands and reduces the chance of hoop burns (marks left on the material by ancient hoops). In fact, they themselves hoop the fabric.

Available in a variety of sizes. These hoops make it easier to create your work if you suggest embroidering thick, delicate material such as:




There are more!

Because of the many hoop burn risks associated with these types of materials, Mighty Hoops prevent you from spending a lot of time getting rid of hoop marks.

These hoops are a favorite of some embroiderers. They even use them for common items like polos and towels to cut down on production time.

#5) 8-in-1 Hoop Set

Number one is an absolute should in every machine embroiderer's arsenal.

Although we tend to barely be able to live with it more than everything else on this list. You're getting the all-important "bang for your buck" with an 8-in-1 hoop set.

The set includes 1 main bracket and 8 specialized hoops in various sizes. This enables you to embroider on dense lists of things. See some examples in this tutorial!

These hoops are a lifesaver, so you're "floating" the fabric on the loop victim adhesive stabilizer. Instead of hooping it in history. This enables you to easily embroider difficult to hoop and areas with restricted areas. like




Baby clothes

And many more.

The set also includes embroidery hoops that allow you to embroider on the back and sides of the hat.

While we tend to appreciate its finesse, most importantly, these hoops also stop machine embroidery problems like wrinkling. Usually once you embroider knit material. The fabric stretches once hooped, allowing the material to build up around the embroidery style.

However, once you float your substance suffers from the 8-in-1 hoop. You are ready to maintain the original properties of the material to confirm the simplest embroidery quality.

The bottom line

Always remember the golden rule of embroidery: if you can hoop it, you will embroider it!

With the right tools and materials, you'll embroider on just about anything.