thread breaks

How to deal with thread breaks during the embroidery process?

It's enough to drive even the most patient crafter up the wall: Picture yourself diligently stitching a design that's behaving perfectly, only for the thread to start breaking repeatedly. Before you consider launching your embroidery machine out the window, let's troubleshoot this common issue with a step-by-step checklist.

Change Your Needle

Begin by inserting a fresh needle into your machine. A damaged or burred needle can lead to frequent thread breaks, even if the issue isn't immediately visible. It's wise to keep a good stock of spare needles handy to avoid running out unexpectedly!

Re-Thread Everything

Remove both the top and bobbin threads from your machine and re-thread them. Ensure the thread is correctly unwinding from the spool -- your machine's manual should indicate the correct orientation. Gently tug on the thread ends to ensure they are properly caught in the tension discs. Re-threading is a reliable strategy for banishing sewing machine gremlins.

Slow It Down

Most embroidery machines allow you to adjust the stitching speed. If thread breaks persist, try slowing down the machine to reduce the stress on the thread.

Check Your Thread

Some threads are more prone to breaking than others. Old thread can become dry and brittle, leading to more breaks. Thread quality varies, and some embroiderers find certain brands work better for them. Experiment to find what works best for you.