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The Ultimate Guide to Embroidery Stitches on Digitizing Embroidery

Knowing the different stitches is important when it comes to embroidery. You may have heard of them but not sure what they are and how they work? Eagle Digitizing will help you...

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What You Need to Digitize a Picture for Machine Embroidery

If you have an image that you would like to digitize for embroidery, you should first download a PNG or SVG file and then open it with a picture editor. Then crop the image and...

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5 Tips to Increase Sales in Your Digitizing Embroidery Business

You set up an embroidery shop, great! Now you just need a couple of clients. Usually, you can find customers who want to buy embroideries or wish to buy their own products. But...

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Best Fabric for Digitizing Embroidery

The type of material you're working with can be extremely important if you want your digitizing embroidery designs to appear as accurate as possible. But if you have so many...

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Learn The Benefits And Importance of Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Custom embroidered apparel is a great way to promote your business. Whether it's a T-shirt, cap or sweater, custom embroidery can help you advertise your brand and stand out in...

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Two Easy Ways to Convert JPG to EXP on Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery machines have come a long way in, functionality, and automation. Today, we have a strong and advanced self-adjusting embroidery machine, which can automatically adapt...

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