embroidery patch eagle

Knowledge from Eagle Digitizing: How to Attach Patches on Clothes

If you're going to be in fashion, you should always wear something new. There are many ways to add patches or designs to your clothes. Eagle Digitizing is going to share a few...

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embroidery digitizing images

Embroidery Digitizing And You- What You Need to Know

If you ever saw a baseball cap with a team logo on it, or an iron badge with a special embroidery on it, I'm sure you'd like to know how it was made. It is possible that they...

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embroidery digitizing photo

Creating Your Embroidery Digitizing from A Photo

Unless you're a very good digitizing tool, it can be hard to convert photo of people, animals or places into embroidery designs.This means that you draw every needle in the photo...

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Embroidery Machine

How Your Embroidery Machine Thinks

Have you seen your embroidery machine before? Would you like to know what's going on? What do they think, what they think, why they don't understand us? The following content...

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embroidery digitizing patches

How To Make Your Thanksgiving Feast More Exciting With Patches

Thanksgiving is coming, and it's time to plan the decor. Thanksgiving Day can be about turkey, with its neighboring feasts, Thanksgiving, and family time - all of which can be...

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embroidery digitizing hat

Knowledge from Eagle digitizing: 5 Common Cap Embroidery Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid blowing your hat. The contents below also have some reference value for Eagle Digitizing.Hats and hats are particularly difficult and prone to...

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