embroidery digitizing fish

Teach Embroidery Digitizing And Make Money

Okay, so you’ve played enough BINGO and you’ve taught enough seminars about eating gluten-free and how to balance your check book. What’s next? How about teaching embroidery...

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Vector Art Conversion

How to Convert PNG Files into Vector Illustrator

Converting PNG files to vector allows you to manipulate color, scale and edit. A PNG file is good because it's smaller, but it can be transformed into vectors. A PNG file can be...

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embroidery digitizing viking

Best Kept Secrets about Embroidery Digitizing

A lot of people don’t know the best kept secrets about embroiderydigitizing designs, but we’re going to reveal them here so you will know how great digitizing is and how much...

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Embroidery Machine

Knowledge from Eagle digitizing Embroidery Machine Speeds for Best Quality Stitches

Not only is the speed of the embroidery machine important for the presentation, but also for the speed of the designs. You can select from various speeds whether you are using a...

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Embroidery Pattern heart

How To Make An Embroidery Pattern For Anything Anybody Wants

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own embroidery patterns, but can't draw? Or did you come up with your own designs and wonder if someone would like them? The...

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embroidery digitizing horse

How To Reduce & Prevent Puckering With Machine Embroidery

Embroidery puckering of your designs can be a terrible thing to experience, especially if you are a beginner at embroidery. Embroidery puckering happens when fabric moves around...

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