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Machine Embroidery Designs Enhance Wearable & Crafts

To tell the truth, I felt weird about using machine embroidery digitizing at first. I wanted to be the designer and I didn’t want to depend upon someone else’s creativity to make my work look beautiful. Then, I discovered that I had lots of choices and I couldn’t resist the designs that are available.

Embroidery designs are “digitized” from artwork. While most sites sell artwork that can be picked up by many digitizers, some sites selling machine embroidery files such as SWAK Embroidery and You Can Make This also have designs from original hand-drawn art. This means that those designs can only be purchased from those sites and therefore, you won’t see them just anywhere.

One great thing about embroidery designs is that they have a color palette selected for you in advance, but you can also adjust the colors to your specifications by choosing from color families and tones. Filled designs are those made up of all embroidered stitches.

What could be better than to be able to make a professional looking embroidery design either on ready-to-wear or hand sewn clothing, quilts, or other projects. Even create a business for yourself by creating embroidered items for others!

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