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Custom Embroidery Designs

Even the most intricate and exquisite embroidery designs can be mass produced with the help of digital machines and embroidery digitizing software. Computers, especially the Internet, have widened the growth prospects in both the local and the overseas markets. Rise in the demand for embroidery products as well as quality workmanship has transformed the apparel industry into a dynamic hub.

With the new home embroidery machines and digitizing software, you can even create custom machine embroidery designs. You need to follow the instructions from the embroidery machine or digitizing dealer and after some practice, you can pick a drawing or clip art to digitize into a format that your machine can understand and convert into stitches. In order for your machine to be able to do that, it is essential that you use high quality prints e.g. a vector file or a .jpeg (high resolution design). You can even buy a program that can either read more than one formats or convert a design from one format to another.

Many web sites offer free downloads, so getting hold of good embroidery designs is not a difficult task. The editing software will convert the design into a series of embroidery stitches. With the help of a data cable, you can transfer the image from a computer to the embroidery machine. Stabilize the fabric with iron-on tear away or cutaway (for heavy designs) backing. Thread the embroidery machine and start the machine. You will be able to thread all the colors at one time or you will need to thread each color one by one, depending on the type of machine you're using. With a little understanding of computers and machine embroidery, and a bit of creativity, you can customize any embroidery pattern and embroidery design.

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