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Popular Types of Embroidery Designs for Embroidery Digitizing

In the world of modern embroidery, specific types of digitizing embroidery designs are as popular as ever. This carries on to the fact that computerized embroidery or embroidery digitizing specializes on the formats of these embroidery designs. Many digitizing software are equipped with features that accommodates the need to make perfect handiwork of popular types of embroidery designs.

Clothing embroidery designs are the most popular among the popular four. These designs are used for our everyday clothes and garments. They are widely available in the Internet, and digitized versions and files can even be downloaded directly from the websites. They can be then sewn into the clothes or fabric with your computerized embroidery machines. You can see this embroidery on casual clothes like men's wear, ladies' garments, children clothing, and fashion wear.

Just as it is used in our clothing, embroidery can also be sewn on household garments. We categorize these designs as household embroidery designs, and we can see the results on our carpets, curtains, bed sheets, pillow cases, and many others.

Logo embroidery designs are also in demand. Logos are understandably symbols or images of organizations, clubs, companies, and other groups that the demand for the designs should not be surprising. These logos are sewn into T-shirts, team jerseys, sweatshirts, caps, jackets, and other garments. Even socks can be embroidered with logos, as we can see with sports companies like Puma and Nike. Just like the household embroidery designs, the logo embroidery designs are usually done by professionals. This is because of the details --- texts, outlines, size, etc. --- of the design, and because of the importance of the logo to the customers or clients. The general products embroidery designs refer to those digitizing on apparels like caps, shoes, gloves, and other products like them. It is somehow similar to the logo embroidery designs except that the general products embroidery designs do not use logos. Instead what is used are specific designs and patterns according to what the customer wants.

Except for the household embroidery designs, the types of designs stated above can be found and downloaded from the Internet. Embroidery digitizing is big these days that there is almost no design that cannot be made and downloaded from the Web.

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