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Custom Embroidery Patterns

Nowadays, not all embroidery designs are high-end, handmade ornate patterns employed by fashion designers to decorate garments. Some embroidery like monograms and motif designs are very popular. Embroidery can create different effects like some appear flat, some resemble reliefs, some produce simple lines, while some have fancy stitches. Custom embroidery is made to individual order or as per the customer’s requirements. It can be either handmade or machine made.

Non-decorative or functional styles have made way for a wide range of objects that are imaginatively sown onto different apparels. You can choose any design and customize it as per your preference of colors, fonts and even stitches. Custom design art or logo embroidery uses tackle twill. This embroidery work is a mixture of letters, numbers or designs taken from a portion of fabric sewn with a zigzag, double running or satin stitch. Embroidery fonts are used to embroider text. Logo embroidery is generally done on left side or on front of apparels.

Many apparel manufacturers offer services, right from logo design to logo embroidery digitizing on a wide range of garments like caps, hats, polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts, etc. Personalized gifts like custom embroidered golf and sports towels, pet dog accessories, aprons, bandanas, tablecloth, gift ribbons, and what have you, are also on the catalogs of most commercial embroidery services.

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