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Embroidery Designs Process followed by the Embroidery services providers

Embroidery digitizing is mainly about using the threads to put on the designs on the fabrics. Though the computerized embroidery makes use of the threads or chords to make the designs on the fabrics, the hand embroidery makes use of the beads and a number of other embellishments for the surface ornamentation.

Design Creation is the first step of the process. If you are good at some of the graphic design software and have good hands at it, then you can make use of that to get the design made. If you do not know how to make the design using computers but are otherwise good at drawing, you can make the same on the paper with the desired color scheme. Otherwise, you can also select the designs from the numerous designs available on the computers.

The embroidery designs on computers can directly be read from the specialized digitizing software installed on the computer or the computerized systems. The software reads the design and provides the pattern of stitches on the computers. The pattern of these stitches can be changed in most of the computerized embroidery machines being used for the commercial purpose but the same functionality may not be possible in the small household based computerized embroidery machines. In case of the designs being made on the paper, the same are first digitized using the scanners. Though some editing is naturally required, this bit shall be known by the operator to determine what all color threads would be worked in what all areas.

Embroidery design development is the putting of the digitized embroidery on the base fabric. The fabric needs to be made stable. The lighter fabrics are difficult to handle since too much of stretch will make the fabric crumble from the edges after the embroidery design is made.

The embroidery services are provided for a number of different purposes. These could be for the garments, before or after making them. These can also be used for creating the running fabrics, for garments or for home furnishings like the embroidered curtains, pillows, bed sheets, quilt fabrics and many other purposes. These have also been used for creating intricate designs for the decorative pieces as well, like the wall hangings, table mats and many others which are commonly used as gift items by the corporate as well as individuals.

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