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Embroidery Project Ideas For the Home

Many people assume that once an embroidery digitizing project is finished their only option is to hang it on the wall. You can take elements from the designs used in the wall hangings and, with a little imagination, create coordinating cushions and throw pillows that can really pull a room together. You can carry on in this manner by matching embroidering designs on tablecloths, napkins and table runners for the dining room. Throw in some hand-stitched coasters and placemats to complete the set.

I think, though, the best pieces for embroidery enhancement is baby items. Imagine the look of surprise and delight on the faces of new parents as they open your gift to find matching bibs, booties, sun hats, clothing and a beautiful afghan all lovingly embroidered by you. These are the kinds of things that parents save from their children’s babyhood and become heirlooms.

Embroidery isn’t just about creating new items. Embroidery can be an inexpensive way to revive old but ‘still in good condition’ items. Got a favorite shirt that’s looking a bit tired? Try stitching a new, a la mode design to bring it up to date. If you’re new to embroidery you may want to start with an embroidery project kit. Kits are ideal for beginners because they come with pretty much everything you’ll need to start stitching straightaway. The instructions are straightforward and complete with diagrams explaining how the stitches should be executed. They also provide tips on the best way to complete the embroidery design and how to display it afterward.

As you can see, there is more to free hand embroidery than meets the eye. You can use it to create soft furnishings for the house, decorate clothing and accessories and keep your imagination alive.

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