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The key qualities of a computerised embroidery design operator

The embroidery design services using the computers do not mean that you can afford to sit back and let the computers do the work. The person who operates the machines shall have some key qualities which shall deliver the right output.

The person doing the embroidery digitizing shall be able to understand what is expected to be created for the customer. The operator is also required to be good at visualizing the type of embroidery digitizing required to be done on the fabric. His ability to correctly visualize the blend of different colors and the shadowing effects is able to guide him in producing the right mood of the design.

The embroidery digitizing operator shall be able to solve the problems which he faces on his way to embroidery design process. He shall know what to do if the thread color does not match with the digitized color, and so on. Most of the machines used for digitizing and embroidery are able to embroider most of the fabrics. The operators shall be able to sit the fabric in the right way, shall know the push and the pull factors for each of the fabric and shall know the strength of the fabric, its stretch limits and other minute details. So, the man operating the machine plays an important role in the digitizing and development of embroidery design on the fabrics.

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