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The Perfect Embroidery

Have you ever noticed an embroidered logo or sewn garment? Did it strike you as being a quality digitizing product or one that looked like it was mass produced and sewn in a "cheap" fashion?

But what makes a quality, embroidered product? Was your design created in vector art using Adobe Illustrator? From these "AI" files, we are able to utilize our custom digitizing techniques, which translate to machine readable files and subsequent sew-outs. Another important ingredient is choice of color. Make sure your embroidery digitizing service company selects the appropriate thread, no matter what the color.

All of the above factors will be meaningless unless the digitized image has appropriate stitch count (density) when sewing the image. Many companies will reduce stitch counts during digitizing to allow for less embroidery thread (cheaper) and less dense sewn images (less time to be sewn), all resulting in poor quality finished goods.

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