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Introduction to Embroidery Digitizing

Till recently, the hobbyist could not do computerized embroidery because of its extravagant prices. However, the falling costs of computers, embroidery machines and embroidery digitizing software have now made embroidery digitizing rather popular. Today, embroidery digitizing is possible with an investment as low as $500.

Embroidery digitizing is basically a form of art where its software helps a skilled embroidery digitizer transform an image into stitches. In embroidery digitizing, the artist first mentally dissects each design into sections and layers to see how each section matches with the other. The blending and merging of colors are also taken into consideration in defining the design. The right atmosphere and mood for the design is created by shadows of the light.

The next part of embroidery digitizing lies in using the software tools to separate parts that have to be redrawn and then stitching using threads. Even the stitching sequences and coloring of the design with the thread is displayed by the embroidery digitizing software to make it easier for you to decide. On completing this, the design is reassembled to get the actual impression of the embroidery design in thread and is then sewed out.

Embroidery can be an effective advertising-informational means, at the same time without loosing its artistic expressiveness. It is frequently used at trade marks plotting on the cloth, leather, felt, as well as on complete products, clothes etc

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