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Buying Embroidery Machines

When shopping for embroidery machines, remember that there are different types of equipments that can be classified under embroidery digitizing machines, based on function, size and use. The most common types are those that need manual operation to create designs on fabrics and other materials, and are mainly used for fiber art and quilting projects.

Embroidery only Machine is meant only for embroidery and can be a great accompaniment for sewing machines, and for creating simple embellishments of existing items. These machines are usually portable. A Combination Embroidery Machine combines sewing and embroidery features into one unit. Great for tailors or sewers who want to embroider too. The Commercial Embroidery Machine has multiple needles. Several colors can be threaded before starting work on the design so a lot of time is saved. Units can be large, so best for commercial and heavy use.

Computerized Embroidery Machines, though a little more expensive than conventional embroidery machines, are most convenient for hobbyists and professionals alike. These units are capable of automatically creating digitizing embroidery designs from pre-made patterns that are fed into them through CDs, floppy disks, or flash cards. They can also be connected to a computer to create custom designs.

The average Computerized Embroidery Machine costs around 500-600 dollars, along with the digitizing software program. Additional embroidery patterns can be bought from manufacturers, and other companies dealing with these kinds of embroidery accessories. However, many people prefer to create their own patterns by attaching the machine to a computer loaded with digitizing programs capable of resizing, editing and creating patterns.

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