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The innovative trend in computer embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is basically a technology or even we can say it is a form of art where the software helps a digitizer to convert an image into embroidery stitches. Simply having embroidery digitizing service software is not enough to provide an attractive embroidery design. Apart from this it also needs lots of imagination and capability of shaping the imagination into real beautiful embroidery designs. Digitizing services are not automatic development programs, where you just switch on the button and all the designs will develop mechanically. The artist has to imagine the designs and analyze the designs before setting them in machines. The combinations of colors are also taken into account before the designing.

Software tools will help you to decide which stitching sequence, with which color arrangements will attracts the best. There are some designs which will not fit according to the materials, threads or fabrics like the oil paints or digital pixels. Here the software needs the help of the designers. The experience of digitizer works here to solve the designing with his creativity.

It is necessary to have the knowledge of different fabric types and its push-pull aspects. To know the boundaries of the embroidery digitizing services, it is also necessary to have knowledge about needles, stabilizers, thread.

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