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How to Start out in Embroidery Digitizing

To start something in embroidery digitizing, it is indeed necessary to first have an embroidery machine, a disc of designs and perhaps some Embroidery Digitizing Software.

When investing in embroidery digitizing software, it is important that your computer matches its minimum system requirements. It is only if the computer's specifications meet the specifications of the embroidery digitizing software that it is possible to run the embroidery digitizing software, and use it in the computer. Manufacturers of embroidery digitizing software generally recommend using an IBM PC or any other compatible computer having a USB port.

It is better to use a fast processor for embroidery digitizing as embroidery digitizing involves imaging and not typing of letters. It is better to have extra memory in the computer as there is never too much of memory space in a computer. Memory is cheap and provides better embroidery digitizing as more embroidery designs can be stored in the computer. Embroidery digitizing calls for lots of hard disk free space. Basically, 100 MB of space is enough to install embroidery digitizing software. However, once you have creations to store, you are going to need much more hard disk free space.

These are the basic requirements to start out in embroidery digitizing. However, if required, you can also invest in a graphic printer, CD-ROM drive, CD-ROM Recorder Drive and many other accessories.

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