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Sewing And Embroidery: The Basics You Should Know

With embroidery, using digitizing software install on your personal computer, you can transfer a design into one which can be embroidered. However, this is not a simple "click-of-the-mouse" conversion; it is done by hand and takes some time and skill. To digitize a design you need to dissect the design into layers and design how each area will look with another. To be successful with embroidery digitizing software you must be an experienced sewer and knowledgeable of the various types of fabrics on the market. Fabric moves differently when sewn and you will have to account for this in your embroidery designs.

The art of embroidery has been practiced in one form or another throughout the ages. Embroidery is simply defined as thread embellishment on cloth. Practically as long as there has existed cloth, there has existed embroidery.

Learning to sew is really one of those "hands on" type things. You can easily learn to sew but you have to take the time to try it out and see what works for you. The easiest thing you can do is sign up for a sewing lesson at your local craft, sewing machine or quilting store.

Regardless of your sewing goals, be assured that you can absolutely learn how to sew. It is not a hard skill to learn, but it takes a bit of patience and practice to learn.

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