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Set your own custom embroidery design machines

Custom embroidery design means, creating your own embroidery designing. There are so many things; one has to take into consideration before ordering or setting customized embroidery designing. For receiving the best results from your custom embroidery, you have to gather efficient experience in this field. Because it is very easy to get hi-tech embroidery machines with complete feeding of embroidery digitizing programs. But it is very much difficult to set and apply all the machines and designs according to your schedule time table for achieving the results. If you are aware with the artistic instinct, technique and knowledge for designing custom embroidery then your idea will rock around the world.

It is always advisable to choose the right color of thread before setting your embroidery, because threads can be come into view as different shades according to one’s view angle. Like less contrast between the fabric colors can hide the small flaws, which couldn’t be noticeable. So always choose those thread colors, which should define in the embroidery design and can compliment the fabric color.

Stitches in Custom Embroidery Designs: The two popular stitches are fill and underlay stitches, which are very widely used in custom embroidery designs. Fill-stitches can figure various patterns, the directions of the stitches and it can cover larger areas. Decide which type of stitching you require because in this pattern lots of stitches will create small gaps and a small number of stitches will show through the design. Underlay stitches are plays an important part in the final embroidery quality and design. The method, where the underlay stitches are sewn into the material covers the way for the top stitches.

Backing Materials in embroidery designs like Cutaways and Tearaways are used according to the type of fabric. Such as, cutaway backings are used for weave fabrics and tear aways are used for quick results because this backing pattern is easiest among all. Most of the backing materials can establish the quality of the finished product.

The Topping for your custom embroidery: Toppings can prevent your embroidery designs form fibers, from getting caught in between stitches on some rough textured fabrics. All the way your embroidery is getting protection with the help of the topping, the fabric and the backing material. Topping is like a water -soluble films, which works by lying over stitches and observing fabric types to prevent embroidery stitches from sinking into the fabric.

Appropriate location for your embroidery products: Look for the popular choice of the people in custom embroidery design. The central location of the embroidery design is mostly chosen as the best location. Appropriate location can varies according to the type of garment. Like the prime location for short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts is the left chest, or else for a change even you can select the left arm; whereas for long sleeve shirts you can choose the center area or else back location for better look.

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