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Why customers love Embroidery Digitizing?

One of the greatest things about embroidery digitizing is that you can freelance on your own schedule, create what you want, display it where you want and sell it when you want. You are your own boss, but that’s not the only reason why customers love embroidery digitizing. Let’s take a look at a few others.

DESIGNS AND COLORS: Because you’re not limited with your embroidery digitizer, you can virtually create anything you want using any color pattern you want. Your designs can be something you just use for your family and colors based on your favorites, or you can follow the new holiday colors in the famous catalogs and copy theirs. Whatever you do, know that your styles and choices don’t have to be limited and you can use as much color as you want.

PRODUCTS: With your embroidery digitizer, you can add your designs to virtually anything and this is the fun part of digitizing, experimenting with colors, patterns, designs and trying out different patterns on fabrics that you have around you. Maybe you want to design new pillows or new towels. Maybe you want matching table cloths and a table runner that you only use for the fall because you have different ideas for spring, just do it! You’re not limited. And this is why our customers sometimes start embroidery digitizing and don’t look back at the old way of shopping ever again. It’s like seeing a great product idea and saying, “Oh, if only it came in blue.” With your embroidery digitizer, it can come in not only blue, but purple, magenta, gray and orange. Customers love using their embroidery digitizer on everything!

FREEDOM: For anyone who has that entrepreneurial spirit, your embroidery digitizer gives you greater freedom to work on your own schedule, create what you want and when you want. You can use old fabrics, new, or test out every fabric! Customers love this because they’re not limited to what they can use their embroidery digitizer on or when. Because you can also design for others and make products at your leisure, around the holidays you’re not stuck with what’s in stock. You can create your designs and give them to friends and family when you’re ready.

So no matter what you want to design or how, just like customers everywhere, you will love your embroidery digitizer. It can make money for you, save you money and help you explore new color schemes and new ways to make old products look new again. You can design uniforms or keep the family color coordinated, list the favorite colors of every family member on all their items and more! The possibilities are endless and the excitement for you is really just beginning. Check online for design ideas like experimenting with monograms in different sizes or try using your designs on something leather or knit and explore the new world of embroidery digitizing designs today! So order your embroidery digitizer and let’s have some fun!

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