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Just how competitive is embroidery digitizing?

Keep in mind when you are ready to start your embroidery digitizing business, this is a very competitive industry. Why you might ask? Contracts. If you land one contract with a school or company for their products, it can open the way to you doing their whole product line. Let’s look at a few areas related to embroidery digitizing so you can better understand just how competitive the industry can be.

WORK CLOTHES: Have you ever walked into any fast food restaurant and looked around? What do you see? Image branding should stand out, as the names, brand and logo should be displayed on everything. As it relates to image branding designs and embroidery digitizing, look at the uniforms, mainly the shirts with their logos, pictures and images and their hats with logos and images, and remember, contracts for corporate design projects are big. To design for McDonald’s or Pizza Hut alone might mean thousands of uniforms at a time for their staff in various sizes. Keep this in mind when you look at embroidery digitized products because any up and coming company will likely need their new designs on their t-shirts, hats, and more.

TEAM SPORTS: Every professional team has embroidered digitized designs on their jerseys, hats, shorts, bags and more. The bigger the team, the bigger the ad dollars and marketing efforts to stay competitive and keep their fans happy. It doesn’t matter what the sport is, players want the gear that will help them rally around their teams. They want the jerseys. They want matching hats and they want the bags and designs related to them. Embroidery digitizing is everywhere in team sports and the money is so much, contracts so big, it’s a very competitive industry.

MOVIES AND TV SHOWS: Embroidery digitizing is all over movies and TV shows, especially for kids. Think about Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Barney the Purple Dragon. Kids want these designs on everything they have, their pajamas, their socks, their bed sheets, their blankets, their jackets, and gym bags. The more popular a cartoon or character, the more you will see not just one image of a character, but several. It’s for this reason that companies like Eagle Digitizing offer so many different and free embroidery designs because they know the competition is so strong and you can’t just have one image. Everyone may have that one image. Think it’s only kids? Nope, it’s the adults too. Every show has a logo and a theme. SNL, CNN, Survivor, Daystar, Disney, and all of these are tied to advertising and ad dollars from marketing. This equates to billions of dollars each year, hence, so much competition to have the best products.

So no matter what area of embroidery digitizing designs you get into, keep in mind that your embroidery designs need to be cutting edge and trendy. While it might be hard to sell a new embroidery design contract to a big preexisting company like Ford or Burger King, newer companies like Pinterest or Etsy may still need embroidery digitizing designs.

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