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Embroidery digitizing the whole family can do

Everyone has different needs and that holds true with digitizing designs. When you consider embroidery digitizing for your family, let them help out and design the things they want because everyone will have something else in mind.

My first digitizing experience came in making hanker chiefs for my uncle. He was in the military and wanted basic army green hanker chiefs. I took a sheet, cut it into squares, sewed all the edges down and because I knew he wouldn’t like a design like a turtle, a Tweety Bird or the Tennessee Titans, I put his initials on with my embroidery digitizer. He was so shocked and touched by this sweet gesture. It was a very simple change, but for him what it meant was that when he was away in the reserves over the summer and had to do his laundry with everyone else’s he could easily find his hanker chiefs. I showed him how to make his initials into a design online and measure the size he wanted and he hasn’t run out of hanker chiefs since!

My mom, on the other hand, she was tough. My mom is very stylish and likes a lot of designs and embroidery is right up her alley. I bought her a cheap sweat suit that was purple, just the jacket, pants and a t-shirt that I added in, and with the embroidery digitizer, I made a bold floral design to go down the side of the leg of the pants and carried this design down the side of the front of the jacket and the same image down the side of the shirt. When I was finished I sewed rhinestones on top of the flowers and she was shocked! She was so surprised she wore it to the casino. She wore it on a cruise and then she was disappointed when she told me that she needed one in blue and brown because everyone had already seen the purple! I let her use the digitizer to add her own design and now she has way too many flowers in her closet! It’s like a garden in there!

Now, my cousin was the toughest because, well, he’s a boy and I just couldn’t imagine adding a design to his football! That would just be weird but I might try it one day to make him mad. What I did for him was I added his name and his favorite football team to his gym bag. We made gym bags at school and they were black denim so he loved it and his favorite team is the New Orleans Saints so the colors matched great. The digitizer was easy to use on the denim fabric and he asked me to show him how to do it, but I don’t think he’ll use it. He just keeps asking me to make more. I think because he wants to sell them at school!

So whatever designs you pick with your digitizer, have fun and show your family how to make the designs that you enjoy, too!

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