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Embroidery Digitizing in Corporate America: How to sell your gifts

A great idea that’s trending in the embroidery digitizing world is designing products for corporations and companies. Keep in mind this can be anything from t-shirts to baseball caps and corporate logos on bags. We’ve included a few tips below and ideas in how to sell these items.

T-SHIRTS AND JACKETS: Companies that you can sell these items to will include those that have team sports or group outings. Consider adding a golf club and a company name or a company logo to a polo shirt as these are clean images and big sellers. Because companies tend to pay more for their image branding materials, let them decide the type of shirt they might want. Some may go with an expensive brand of polo shirt and some want comfort. New companies may just want a discount rate for having designs on a cheap t-shirt.

BASEBALL CAPS AND BAGS: These are big sellers and the sky is usually the limit, but keep in mind before you start buying everything in all black or all blue that companies and firms may have two colors and may want a bag in canvas with their logo in a gray and blue design, or a company may ask for their baseball cap in white as their image is a truck with the firm name embroidered on. Show samples on your site but when you talk to their buyer, let them know that your designs aren’t limited to what’s shown. You can custom create and detail any design idea they have in mind.

GOLF CLUB COVERS, FOOTBALLS AND COASTERS: Corporations and firms are always looking for little niche ideas and designs that stand out from the competition so they may ask for something they haven’t seen yet. They may want a custom design applied to a golf club cover that they will give their customers, or if they landed a big contract they may send everyone an embroidered nylon football that has their team and the deal they won designed on it. Remember that what they visualize they want you can always find online as a reference point, show them samples and work on your own ideas if you see something better. Coasters are another gift that they can give that might just say something like a company name on them. This is a custom made gift and if a company asks for this it means they are going to possibly give you a list of several firm names that they want to receive individual coaster sets.

Whether it’s footballs for the sales team or golf club covers for a large firm that has a lot of big outings for their teams, you can design great products with your embroidery digitizer that will have sales coming in for some time to come – especially around the holidays, so do your homework, stock up, take lots of pictures of samples and get ready to embroider and have fun!

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