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Selling your embroidery digitizing gifts online

Selling embroidery digitizing gifts online can be tough as the industry is so competitive, unless you know a few key pointers that will help you with sales, advertising and marketing:

SHOW: You have to show your items in action and your pictures need to be clear. Images should show smiling faces, families or kids wearing your products or appropriate product placement of your designs in your house can show the kids playing while mom is setting the table with the apron on that she applied her embroidered digitized designs to. Or picture your holiday catalog showing your images in everything from Christmas socks/stockings hanging at the fireplace mantle to ornaments you create hanging under your tree. Your digitizer will do everything you want it to, so show off your skills and imagination and your sales will rise.

TRENDING: One thing we can’t stress enough is don’t hold onto old styles when there are so many new design images out there. If your’e a fan of Bugs Bunny, for example, that’s fine, but look at the current cartoon line-up to ensure you are keeping up with what kids want. Don’t back yourself into a corner by creating too many design products using the same image or else people might not like your line. Mix and match. Look at toy lines to see what’s trending so you know whether to design SpongeBob towels or Dora the Explorer. Carry this idea over to adult products too. Not everyone likes birds and rainbows, so don’t assume that if you make everything look like a zoo or garden that everyone will want to buy your designs. There are people who like modest images like tiny blocks on their towels or sea shells. Search online so you can be sure your embroidery digitizing designs are reflective of what people want as this will increase your sales.

OUT OF THE BOX: Don’t limit your designs to just what you see online, but really think out of the box so your images will stand out from everyone else’s. If they’re all doing comforters, blankets and duvets, what about a bed runner? That thin piece of material that lays across the end of the bed and is so decorative and colorful. This stands out and you can create matching shams. By designing something different you’re letting people know you can really create great products. Up-sell by telling them that if they buy two sets you’ll give them a discount. Another idea, place mats and coasters. One thing we know is that a lot of homes use them and offices need them, but online, embroidery digitizers usually focus on hats, jackets and t-shirts. When you think outside of the box in this way, remember what you’re doing is targeting a niche or select market that wants a particular design that you have. And don’t worry, you will find the customers through your ads.

Post your images on your website, on Facebook, on Pinterest, or take a few pics and put them up at your grocery store and church. By creating your embroidery digitized designs different and separate from what everyone else is doing, you’re letting your customers know they can trust you to design great things!

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