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Your school can make money by selling Embroidery Digitizing

Want a great way to make money for your school teams? You’re in the right place. Gone are the days of having to order candy or pizzas online, or worse, having to sell cheesy gifts no one ever used or calendars only your grandmother appreciated. Embroidery digitizing gifts allow you to become your own boss at school and you can make a lot of money on digitizing design projects:

UNIFORMS: Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball or cheerleader uniforms – and let’s not forget the band members, uniforms are a great way to make a little extra money at school and you can have fun doing it. Have a sale contest with each team to see who can raise the most money. How? Take the baseball team: They need shirts, baseball caps and jackets. Your team could design these and sell the extras like jackets with a team logo, or polo shirts for the baseball team with the mascot using the embroidery digitizing designs you custom create. Not only will you make money by selling to your classmates, but you can sell the products to the surrounding community and your neighborhoods who want to support your team.

TEAM SPIRIT: Cheerleading is a sport and style in and of itself and cheerleaders are best at selling team spirit, so why not have the cheerleaders sell designs they created using their digitizers. Desgins can include letterman jackets, scarves with embroidered emblems and logos, hats, baseball caps and varsity sweaters. Not only are you selling items that your school already uses, but you’re saving in having to pay extra costs by hiring another firm to do them.

SCHOOL PRIDE: Everyone who leaves school wants to take a memory with them and they have yearbooks that are all signed, but what about if you design gym bags and duffel bags using your embroidery digitizing designs to not only show school pride, but in different ways. You can use designs you custom create like the team mascot or logo, a team phrase, or even digitized gifts you create like tote bags for all the top teachers or baseball caps for all the coaches from the class of 2016.

AWAY GAMES: When you travel with your school, a great way to show your team pride is to have everyone in uniform colors and traveling together. By creating digitized designs everyone can wear on their gear, you’re showing your team spirit and letting the other teams, i.e., the losers, that you are a winning school. Think about beanie caps everyone can wear in the winter and mittens that you use your embroidery digitizer to add team logos and monogram initials to. Varsity jackets and letterman jackets can all have your digitized designs on them, and who knows? A rival team may ask who did your designs.

You’ve got school spirit, yes you do. And you can make your teams money, a whole lot too! And have fun doing it! You and your friends are celebrating not only school pride but your entrepreneurial spirit as you embrace the world of embroidery digitizing designs.

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