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How to grow a business with embroidery digitizing gifts

There’s a great little secret to selling embroidery digitizing gifts: Give them away as gifts. What? Give the designs away? Yes, because what you’re customers don’t know is that you’re giving them samples of your work and they’re going to be your marketing tools. Now lets explore other areas where they can help you sell your digitizing gifts.

WORD OF MOUTH: Your customer is like a loud megaphone when they tell someone else about one of your products. You might give a friend a digitized design that you applied to hand towels you gave them over the holidays. Guess what? Every time they have someone over during the holidays they will use those towels and that’s a selling point for your business. Why stop there. Let’s look at another key point in your embroidery digitizing gift business.

SCALING: Remember those hand towels you designed for your friend for the holidays, well, that’s great for Christmas, but what about in the spring when the holidays are behind us and they’re looking for something with flowers in lighter colors. You guessed it, you can now sell them your new spring line. You don’t have to give these away, just use their bathroom, see their color scheme or ask them for it and let them know the designs you have that match what they will need in the spring. This way of up-selling, or selling a product in a wider market is considered scaling and your gift designs can take off if you keep your current customers knowledgeable about your new products. What? You don’t have a new product line? Yes you do. Start thinking ahead.

NETWORKING: You can call people and tell them about your designs or you can host a party. And your party can be something as simple as inviting all your girlfriends over to your house for a design party where they bring their products and a dish everyone can enjoy and you have your product line out and a dish everyone can enjoy. This way of networking is great because there’s no pressure, but make one rule for the embroidery digitizing gifts. Each person has to buy at least one thing. That way you are certainly getting sales and you’re allowing them to show their products, as well.

STORES: Have you ever gone into Hallmark and thought you could do better? Well, with your embroidery digitizing gifts, you can. Create your own catalog. Now, we recommend don’t put a date on it or anything that says it’s only for spring or only for Christmas because that means when February rolls around your information is outdated, but let it be all-year-long merchandise with the best of your products. You can then take that to any store and ask to speak to a buyer to see if they would be interested in selling your digitized gifts in their store on in their catalog if you have images. They may ask to see samples so bring some along.

Now that you’ve started branching out more, order your business cards and think about a website so you can showcase your embroidery digitized gifts. You’re well on your way, entrepreneur!

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