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Best Kept Secrets about Embroidery Digitizing

A lot of people don’t know the best kept secrets about embroidery digitizing designs, but we’re going to reveal them here so you will know how great digitizing is and how much money it can make you and save you.

SALES: A lot of people look at embroidery digitizing and think “Labels on jackets.” While that might be true, that’s not all embroidery digitizing is about. Labels is a small part of the design business, but it’s also a very lucrative area. Other areas that you would be surprised to know are big money making ideas if you’re willing to do a little homework and marketing include t-shirts, baseball caps for teams and schools, book bags, gym bags, aprons for cooking shows, schools and demonstrations and household items. Household items that you can use embroidery digitizing designs on can be everything from rugs to murals, towels to pillows and even the dog’s bed! Embroidery digitizing is also a lucrative area in creating your own clothing designs that you can then resell. How about buying those dresses you found for $5 each and adding a floral design or border to the hem? That’s extra money in your pocket. How about the kids sleepover parties where they all want SpongeBob or Tweety Bird? You can actually use your embroidery digitizer and create the designs you see on TV and in catalogs and host your own kids themed parties. These are just a few ideas.

EASE OF USE: Many people think digitizing is going to be a hard process or really time consuming, but it’s not and once you get the hang of it and understand the process and how to use the tools and materials, you can quickly make not one baseball cap, but ten. You can sew your own choir robes and make the emblems on them. How much money could you charge for your designs? These are things you should ask yourself when you consider embroidery digitizing. By being your own boss and only paying for the cost of the materials, you really can make a profit and as word of mouth spreads, you will have more orders coming in.

DESIGNS: Pick any team logo or name, think of any cartoon character, draw any design for a company that they want used on all their products. Now you’re starting to see how versatile your skills will be in using your embroidery digitizer. Designs are endless and colors limitless. It all boils down to using your imagination! And some of the greatest inspirations come from just seeing things around us. So whether you like frogs and rainbows, or you want Matchbox cards on all the kids book bags, your designs can not only be created but made using embroidery digitizing.

Now that we’ve shared a few key secrets to embroidery digitizing, start looking through those catalogs and start going online looking at different patterns and color schemes. And when you see the baseball team with the old dusty uniforms, or the choir in last year’s robes, don’t tell them they could do better, show them!

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