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Saving Money Using Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a simple process and yet so many people could make money but they choose to spend more on things they already have. Items in your home can be made new or you can buy second hand items or cheap products and by using your design skills come up with new creations.

PILLOWS: One of the greatest products that’s overlooked are pillows. On average, pillows that you use as throw pillows for the couch cost about $15 each and yet, you can easily make these at home for pennies on the dollar. All it takes is knowing how to sew the pillow case, filling the pillow and applying your embroidery digitized designs to the pillows. The great news? There are so many styles to choose from or you can create your own. You don’t even have to stick with one particular fabric or another. You can use canvas materials or denim, cotton or knit, even leather. Your embroidery digitizer is as limitless as your imagination.

TOWELS: We can’t stress it enough. Embroidery digitizing means savings and you’ll see the costs reduced right away. Price out that towel with the appliqués all over it. Now price out the generic plain towel that you can apply your digitized designs to at home. That’s right, it’s that easy. Don’t limit yourself to the holidays. Work on your spring line, and have fun with embroidery digitizing by adding flowers, birds, smiley faces, names of family members and more. Not sure what to add? Go online for inspiration to see what’s trending in towel designs and know that you can do the same thing and more with your digitizer!

MONOGRAMS: Every family member likes having their own design. That much is obvious. Maybe your oldest sons likes race cars while the baby likes turtles and they can only be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s fine too. With your embroidery digitizer, you can create the designs they want on their clothes like socks and pajamas, book bags, gym gear, knap sacks and even lunch bags. Gone are the days of taking the wrong lunch. All they have to look for are their names or images you created for them. Going on a family outing or a team event where you can bring the whole family? At the airport, you can now readily identify your bags using your digitizer and while it will look like you spent a lot of money, you didn’t!

So whether you’re traveling by plane, boat or car, or staying in for the weekend with your family curled up in front of the TV all weekend, your items can really stand out with digitized designs that you create at a fraction of the cost. The money you save using your embroidery digitizer will save you the headache and stress of not being able to afford these sometimes expensive luxury items you find online, and when people ask where you bought them, tell them about the new company you invested in! You and your embroidery digitizer!

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