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8. Why smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing – Understanding the competitive world of digitizing

Because embroidery digitizing is so easy to do and so well needed, it is considered a very competitive industry. Anyone can create designs or digitize fabrics and the more they do, the more money they can make. A person can literally go and buy an embroidery digitizer and start making team uniform numbers and putting team logos or names on baseball caps and t-shirts. It’s that easy, but to stand out from the process, Eagle Digitizing has created a service that offers more benefits than just simple digitizing. We will examine below what makes Eagle Digitizing stand out from the competition.

PHONE ACCESS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Eagle Digitizing wants to ensure that all your questions are answered, so whether you’re starting your first embroidery design or you are up to your neck in orders, Eagle Digitizing is here to help you. With a toll-free 800-number, callers can reach a live operator and ask their questions, get tips and pointers about anything from the best digitizer tools to the best embroidery designs for projects they’re working on. Another great reason their customer service is great? You can scan and send your product and then call and have your questions answered and any issues addressed.

SAMPLE EMBROIDERY PRODUCTS: Every site is different, but Eagle Digitizing stands out from the crowd. Not only do they offer free embroidery designs, they send email alerts to let you know when new designs are available. With such a large library, you can shop for ideas even if you have a few of your own in mind. By putting the customer first, Eagle Digitizing is communicating that not only are they updating inventory, but they want to share these products with their customers for free!

EASE OF USE: Eagle Digitizing knows that when you first start out learning about embroidery digitizing, you may not know one tool from the next or where to start. That’s why they created an easy to navigate and use website that helps you understand the design process. They even have a definition page so you can understand the common terminology and feel at ease when you call in to ask questions or to place an order.

VARIETY: Eagle Digitizing also understands that the customer comes first and they want you to have a great experience shopping for embroidering digitizing designs. With everything from free sample designs to font samples and color schemes, Eagle Digitizing offers you the best design shopping experience online.

So no matter what design products you want to start with, when you are ready to place your first order or have your questions answered, rest assured that the customer service team at Eagle Digitizing is here to help. Still unsure? Please feel free to check out the testimonial page where real, live customers have left their comments and feedback. When you finish your call with us or complete your first embroidery digitizing design, please feel free to leave feedback for others and share your great experience. We guarantee that you will love our products and our service!

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