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Marketing techniques for embroidery digitizing

One of the best marketing tools for embroidery digitizing is to show items in action. If you want to sell your products online, in a catalog or in a store, it’s a great idea to show people wearing your baseball caps, wearing an apron in the kitchen while they hold matching pot holders or even the choir wearing all matching robes with the church monogram design that you created. A few other great marketing tips are listed below and will help you understand how to better promote and sell your embroidery digitizing designs.


One of the latest online crazes is Pinterest where you take images of products you love and make an online album. As people can view your images and designs, if they like them, they can pin them to their online boards, too. For embroidery digitizing sellers, a great marketing technique is to have a link attached to your pictures to redirect them back to your website and/or store. This way anyone who sees your digitizing designs can see all the products you created and buy them or contact you if they have questions.

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: We don’t really like Twitter because it doesn’t hold design images and is more about tweets and messages, but you can send a tweet alert to let your customers and fan base know you have new products available on your site or in your store. Facebook, on the other hand, is great because you can add your store here or start a new store in Facebook. People can go right in and search for your products and the great thing? Everytime they share an image you have of one of your digitized designs, all of their friends will see them as well. Invest in ad words and you’ll find that you can generate more leads to your website and more likes to your page.

SHOPIFY, GODADDY, EBAY AND WIX: If you’re interested in creating a store for your products to market them, these websites are great because you can take a few pictures of your designs and have them online in no time. We recommend Wix because it’s free, Shopify is easy to use, Ebay will do the advertising for you because it has millions of people looking for design ideas and GoDaddy is another site where you can open a store and have your products hosted. Marketing through these portals for your embroidery digitized products can include paying for ads, using search engine optimizaion and email blasts to let people know about your design products. Send an email blast and you can let shoppers know whenever you have new products or start a blog and tell them about your designs.

No matter which website you choose, if you ad pictures or email blasts or if you send tweets or have a following, your marketing efforts will pay off and you’ll find that as your embroidery digitizing gets better so too will your marketing efforts

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