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What products are right for your digitizing needs?

With embroidery digitizing, while you might think you are limited to only baseball caps and t-shirts, that’s just not true. Designs can be added to leather, knit products denim/jean material, cotton, canvas fabrics like bags, and so much more. You can add digitized designs to the front and back of baseball caps, the front and back of t-shirts, sweatshirts, add emblems and logos to the chest area of polo shirts or have images right across the center. Designs can be simple stitching or more complex designs, like tiny leaves on a throw pillow or designs that cover a whole quilt or blanket. How will you know what’s right for you and how will you decide where to start? Here are a few great tips on finding the products that are right for you.

THINK COLOR: When you start designing, don’t go crazy putting one image all over everything unless you really love Tweety Bird for example and want your house covered in Tweety Bird designs. Try starting your embroidery digitizing by focusing on your key colors. What are the colors in your living room? In a recent design catalog we found a sample ad where the signature colors were beige with hints of orange and red in every room. When you create embroidered digitized products, start looking at what might be plain that could use a touch of color or what might need to be replaced. For example, if you have old throw pillows, instead of throwing them out, change the fabric.

THINK MATCHING: Maybe consider making the new color beige and in keeping with your designs, choose flowers like dahlias or peonies that are red and orange. With ideas like this you can work your way from room to room. Maybe your kitchen can have dahlias on one set of kitchen towels while your pot holders have peonies on them. And vary the sizes you use. They don’t always have to be all large images or all small.

THINK MIXING IT UP A BIT: When you look at your bathroom colors, maybe you want orange towels with a tiny red flower or a beige one, don’t limit yourself to the same image because you can carry it from room to room and remember, because your embroidery digitized designs are easy to do, you can always replace them and have a fall/winter look and one for the spring/summer.

THINK BIG: Open your favorite catalog and know the skies the limit. You can create the designs you see. Don’t limit yourself in colors and styles, but see each image as a new idea that you can recreate. If you need help with trying to figure out where to apply your designs, try taking an image from a magazine and copying it with a color copier in different sizes. Take the papers and cut out whatever style you want, like a flower for example or a circle or line and walk around your house holding up the various designs you may want to add. You can also temporarily tape them while you try to decide if the designs are what you want and then send your images to Eagle Digitizing and contact us to confirm the sizes you would like. It’s that simple and you can have that much fun!

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