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Why choose Eagle Digitizing for your products?

Ever have something created or completed online only to find out that you could have made it yourself at a cheaper cost? With embroidery digitizing you will find that you not only save money but can create colorful products on your own terms with the colors you want and how you want. Digitizing isn’t a difficult process, but some companies overcharge or tell you they can only use a certain number of colors or images and if you ask for more, they’ll charge you more. By using Eagle Digitizing for creating your digitized products, you can not only have all of the colors and styles you want, we offer free embroidery samples to pick from, so that means embroidery for the whole family and your friends, too!

Eagle Digitizing offers free embroidery samples that you can use and they upload new designs every month. These images are free and you can use them anytime. Newsletters will also keep you up to date about new products and free designs that are available. To sign up, just join Eagle Digitizing and log-in.

Eagle Digitizing also makes their pricing readily available with upfront rates and no hidden fees for designs. They also include free stitching estimates so you know what you will be paying. Editing is also a service that’s included for free! Monogram rates are low and font styles are shown on the site so you can pick out the styles you want in the appropriate sizes.

Eagle Digitizing is also accessible. You can reach them online, via email, by calling them with questions about your designs or you can check their FAQ page for commonly asked questions. They know questions may come up about sizing, pricing, digitizing, how to ensure you’re getting your file sewn correctly and more!

Eagle Digitizing also has so many samples to choose from you should check here first before trying to come up with your own. Common embroidery examples include cars, birds for uniforms or motorcycle jackets, letters for school jackets, car and company logos and different types of flags. Keep in mind that when you work in a corporate job and you hear about the upcoming softball league or team outing, you have a place to go to for the digitized designs you will need.

Eagle Digitizing even has it’s own library so you understand the different embroidery digitizing terms and understand what each process does. Did you know that embroidery goes as far back as the ancient pharaohs in Egypt? While they probably didn’t have baseball caps that said Bob’s Burgers, they had robes with ribbons and stripes on them as we know from the images and pictures we see in museums. Design has been around for a long time and it’s also changed so much over the years that Eagle Digitizing works hard to ensure you have the best materials and images for your products. Contact Eagle Digitizing today to find out about our great products, get a quote or to start working on your first design!

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