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Yes, you can create the looks you see in the stores with embroidery digitizing

Open any catalog that has clothing, house wares or arts and crafts in it and know that with a little practice, you too can create great digitized designs. Whether you’re looking for new pillows to accentuate your home, new his and hers towels, or cartoon character designs on clothing that the kids will love, with embroidered digitized designs you can go room to room and create bold and vibrant, colorful images.

PILLOWS: Pick up a catalog like Pottery Barn, West Elm or Macy’s and the one thing you see that stands out are the embroidery designs. Pillows for example, are simple stitches used to make lines, ribbons, flowers and monograms. With your embroidery digitizer, you can custom create these designs too. By purchasing software you can walk through step-by-step how to set up your digitizer, the tools to use and how to make a plain pillow a colorful creation. Want living room throw pillows that really pop and stand out? Pick a few samples and custom create the designs you want. You can take any pattern from a simple leaf design to full flowers in bloom and have decorative throw pillows that you created and designed yourself.

TOWELS: A great way to start out using your digitizer is to experiment on small items like towels or washcloths where you can pick a design, apply it and go from there. Towels can be fun because you can design images for your kids like smiley faces, frogs, animals or add their names. Or maybe you want to give guest towels to a couple who are getting married. You can do that, too. Free embroidery designs can be found online and all you need to do is buy the towels you want to give them, add the images and then wrap them nicely. They may think you went to one of the big stores to by them!

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