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How to make money selling your embroidery digitizing products

We know the holidays are usually about spending money, but what if you want to make a little extra money? Now you can with embroidery digitizing. This great way of adding designs to fabric will change your life and it can change your wallet, too! By selling your embroidery designs, you can make money at yard sales, flea markets, on websites and at church events. Let’s explore how:

YARD SALES AND FLEA MARKETS: Maybe you’ve added your designs to a few towels, shirts, hats and you want to make a little money. Have a yard sale to display your products, You can sell yard sale items alongside your embroidery digitized products and let the public pick and choose what they want to buy. When you sell them, let people know that not only are your products for sale but that you can custom create any design they may need on any product. This will give them ideas about future products they might need to have embroidered designs applied to like the little league baseball team that needs hats.

WEBSITE: Sites like Etsy, Ebay and Amazon let you sell your own embroidered digitized designs, or you can create your own store in Shopify or on Facebook. We recommend starting out small though to build up a clientele and to familiarize yourself with different types of embroidery designs. Digitizing takes time and while there are many free embroidery designs available you want to feel comfortable with using your embroidery digitizer to ensure you can work on large orders comfortably. Take pictures of the products that you have added designs to, post them to the sites and list a description. Look online ahead of time to see what the going rate is for the items you want to sell and price yours accordingly. Make sure to buy a small scale and shipping supplies so you can send your items out or go to the post office ahead of time and pick your items up there or send your items from there so they can weigh them and give you tips and pointers. And guess what! You’ve used your digitizer, created designs and made a sale! Congratulations!

CHURCH EVENTS: Like selling at flea markets and yard sales, church events are a great way to sell your products. You can sell your embroidered digitized items at events at your church or surrounding neighborhood churches, or you can create embroidered designs for them. Monogram items are the most popular for church robes.

Whichever route you take in promoting and selling your items, you will be pleased with your work and embroidered designs. Be patient with yourself when it comes to advertising and let word of mouth do the selling for you. A great tip: Give small hanker chiefs at your church so that people know about your digitized design skills and let your customers come to you! Make sure you take pictures of all your work and post them so you have reference materials you can show potential clients!

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