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Moms can create your own designs using embroidery digitizing techniques

Every mom should have an embroidery digitizer. Why do you ask? Think of everything you use on a daily basis for your kids and you will soon realize how using an embroidery digitizer will be not only a life saver but a cost saving tool for years to come:

BOOK BAGS: How many times has one child taken off with a book bag that wasn’t theirs? It happens every day. And trying to buy bags with designs that are different can be hard to find or expensive if you have a large family. By having your own embroidery digitizer, you can not only create different colored designs on each child’s bags, but you can sew their names into their bags so if their bags are ever taken at school, or if your child is ever lost, their information can be sewn into their bag. You may want to include their name, address and phone number. No longer will you have to worry about your kids being lost or bags being stolen. Custom digitizing makes it possible to include all the information you need on the inside and keep the bags colorful on the outside for your kids to enjoy.
GYM BAGS, PURSES AND PENCIL CASES: Another great tip for moms who have school age children is that they can create for their daughters custom embroidered purses, pencil cases and gym bags. Maybe a gym bag with their initials is all they want, or flowers and frogs, but the great news is moms can teach their kids how to help apply their own embroidered designs. For their sons, moms can add their initials to their gym bags, and include cute images like basketballs, footballs and baseballs, or if they’re younger, teddy bears or race cars. On the Eagle Digitizing website there are many examples listed of free embroidery ideas you might want to use.

CURTAINS, TOWELS, PILLOWS AND BLANKETS: Now that the kids are at school, how about things that mom might like around the house? Maybe you have gold curtains and you want to use your embroidery digitizer to add burgundy flowers or a ribbon design. Now you can and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. Towels can be embroidered if you want to give these as a gift to friends, pillows can have monograms on them and blankets might be special keepsakes from each child so maybe you want to custom create your design to include your child’s name and date of birth.

CLOTHING: How many dresses do you have in your closet that you just say are too plain or you wore it so many times last year in pictures you don’t want to see it any longer. How about adding an embroidery digitized design like a flower or butterfly to a linen dress? Or a border to the bottom of a skirt? Now you can do this and more!

So moms, go through your closets and make those old things new again! The kids will be surprised, your house will look great and with so many designs, your husband will think you went shopping!

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