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The meaning of the word “patience” in free embroidery designs

The meaning of the word “patience” in free embroidery designs
“Patience” here means tolerance, generosity, bravery which is shown by human beings. Patience can also mean the composure, withstanding and also forgiveness. In fact, people usually use this word in their custom digitizing especially for the embroidery designs in general
The calligraphy font for well-known letters which is usually hanging in their room to create the good atmosphere based on its meaning and belief for the owners.
What is the general meanning of calligraphy letters?
The calligraphy letters imply the typical meaning of happiness and luck, often used in terms of happy greetings. Ancient people had created many meaningful letters denote in embroidery design image, which we now see in many other ornaments, in architecture, and even on clothing sometimes.
In the past, people misunderstand the mind is the source of all mental activity, so the thoughts and feelings are also called mind: thinking, mood, idea. Today, according to the physiological experiments, the mind can be considered as follows: (1) Symbolic of affection or love. (2) The ability to perceive things, thoughts and feelings: the mind. (3) The ability to judge good and evil according to the moral law: conscience. (4) All psychological phenomena, from feeling to the emotions, behavior, willpower ...etc…: psychological (psychic), mood (mental). (5) The divine in man, as opposed to the body: the soul (spirit, spiritual).

Knowing how to use properly the words of “Patience” at the right place gives people a strong amazing power and belief. That is the reason why people who choose “Patience” embroidery digitizing paintings having a strong desire to gain more invisible power to be able to withstand adversity, and also willing to accept losses in order to keep peace in the family or the organization, help the family harmony much better. At working place, the “Patience” word is to achieve the larger and greater goal in the future.
The “Patience” word in embroidery digitizing painting brings a great significance in the life of people at work. The Confucius also had a statement: “if not getting enough “patience” in the small things, how would big things be successful any longer”. Our ancestors always remind themselves and the future generations to be patient as much as they can
The pine tree image in embroidery digitizing paintings
The embroidery digitizing with pine tree patterns brought the meaning of health and longevity. In fact, pine tree always symbolizes for health and longevity. Besides, waterfalls are also the symbol of wealth and prosperity. The sun is reflected glory with the hope to bring luck to the owner. Horses are a symbol of success. And, in fact, the 3 kanji words of "pine tree welcomed guests" in the embroidery digitizing paintings just would like to convey to the visitors that our family is very hospitable, your visiting in our home is a really great honor to us
The combination of “Patience” and pine tree image on the embroidery digitizing paintings also brings the viewers some feeling of freedom in the peaceful place and longevity life.

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