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The meaning and image of Maitreya in digitizing embroidery

The meaning and image of Maitreya in digitizing embroidery
The meaning and image of Maitreya in embroidery digitizing paintings can help you understand and increase the value to your artworks
Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha is considered the 5th Buddha who is going to eventually appear on earth after 30,000 years, replacing Buddha Shakyamuni. In Tibetan Buddhism, Maitreya is widely worshiped. In the modern world, this Buddha image exists in everywhere: shops, hotels, private houses, pagodas ...etc…
In digitizing paintings and statues, Buddha Maitreya would sit on the throne, legs crossed or placed on the floor. In the original image, Maitreya is described as a slender prince, who is really handsome and often dressed like a royal Indian people.
In China, Maitreya Bodhisattva is usually presented with stout appearance and gentleness with smiling mouth and big belly.
Maitreya Buddha in Feng Shui
Also known as "Smiling Buddha", Maitreya is the ultimate symbol of happiness in Feng Shui. According to legend, the greatest joy of this Bodhisattva is able to turn any sadness, anger, stress or pressure of someone to a happy man again. It is believed that inner smile Maitreya so strong that it always shines and gentle in his face.
Maitreya is also considered a symbol of harmony, joy and carefree. Just take a look at the Buddha's face; all of sadness can also become cheer up. In fact, Buddha's belly believes to bring good luck.
The custom digitizing embroidery with Maitreya image
Symbolizing prosperity, Maitreya is often associated with wealth symbols such as coins, gold ingots and bag supposedly containing lots of treasures. In fact, the symbol of health and longevity is considered as the symbol of power. People like to choose the statue with smiley gloating face, with the desire and hope to receive pleasure and things just like that.
Digitizing Painting and decoration of Buddha Maitreya
Many feng shui experts recommend Maitreya Buddha statue or digitizing picture should be placed at a height of about 1 meter, looking straight to the door. This position helps the Buddha to turn on the bad gas and welcome all the good energy. If there is not having any ideal location, just placing him at a position which is in the farthest corner of the room, facing the door.
Place the digitizing picture or statue of Maitreya Buddha in East Direction of the house or in the living room to create harmony for the whole family and resolve any problems or quarrels.
Buddhist digitizing paintings believe to increase the fortune and luck, as well as health and success in life.

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